I’m Lee, your new Bestfriend. 

I stepped foot in the hair industry in 2014, to solve two of the biggest problems it has.
1. Hair worth your hard earned money,
2. Bad customer service.

I purchased hair for a trip in 2014 and it didn’t give what it was supposed to to say the least. It was ok when installed, BUT when you brush it, wet it, touch it or breathe IT TANGLED AND DRIED LIKE DOLL HAIR.
Thinking I got a bad batch I went to the person’s social media I purchased from to reach out and hopefully get the situation rectified and what did I see? Her bashing her customers, and the customers going IN. After scrolling a while I was disgusted and took my L.
Few months later I said but how many other women have to take a loss with their hard earned money? I began to educate myself, I knew the basics but wanted to know more to give hard working women like myself THEIR MONEY’S WORTH. Thus, Officially EGO was born.
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